July 2022 SCHOA Board meeting minutes

Spinnaker Cove HOA Board Meeting 7/27/2022

Opened by Joe Arnold at 6:30

Previous meeting minutes were ratified

Al Kozimor gave the treasurer’s report

            Short report on the nature preserve grant Application and a request for a volunteer to weed eat a small trail in the preserve to allow access for outside groups to have access for consideration of grants and for volunteer access.

            Discussion of the roof insurance claim with a thank you to the members who sent in photos and information that have been submitted.

            The anticipated audited financial statements have not been received but have been promised by July 29th. Because of this, all financial questions should be addressed to your HOA.

Carmen gave updates on the Window Makeover orders being caught up and is trying to get install dates on all unfinished orders. Window Makeover has completed the caulking of the community and the window and door assessment which the board is reviewing at present.  She has also been working with Your HOA to try and get all maintenance requests caught up. She reported on the board meeting with Green Touch to access the landscaping needs of the community.

Susan Nelson addressed the community complaint about the geese and said the board was looking in topo any options we have to address the situation. Sha also talked about the great job the power washer company did but also the poor communication with the company.

Committee updates:

Nature preserve  

Tracy was Absent but Al’s report covered it.


Dillon Beuscher discussed the dead tree and bush situation but emphasized that now is not the time to plant anything. The approved planting list will be available soon and the pruning options for the list were discussed. He discussed the options on the list that will be published soon. He announced a landscape committee meeting for the following Wednesday, august 3rd, at 6:30pm.


Susan Nelson wanted to make sure everyone was still receiving the board messages.

Architectural Review.

            Joe opened with a discussion that ring or any other doorbell cameras need to have an Architectural request before installation. Carmen said there were no requests.


            Joe asked for volunteers to restart the social committee and committed to working on ramping up the committee, A question was raised about the garage sale and Vicki Nelson commented that it was going to be held but as date had not been finalized.

Q and A

Susan Nelson opened the session by explaining the new two minute rule for discussions in an attempt to keep the meeting on track.

            Spiro questioned the board’s ability to know where we are financially and Joe replied that we anticipate the audited statements July 29th and are very closely monitoring spending so we don’t have any issues.

            Joe also addressed the work we have done with Your HOA on handling maintenance requests in the future.

No further questions were raised so the meeting was adjourned at 7:15

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