Landscaping news

Below is the approved planting list for homeowners’ front and back porch areas. Except for one item (rose bushes), all other items on the list will be pruned by Green Touch as part of their contract with the community.

Please be aware you are NOT limited to only planting these items. If you want to plant something else, all you need to do is submit an architectural review form (via Your HOA portal). This process simply lets us know about the plantings in the neighborhood outside of the approved list.

Any item outside of this list is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. In selecting plants, please consider location, moisture requirements, sunlight and maintenance.


· Hosta

· Boxwood

· Hydrangea

· Rose bush (not pruned by GT)

· Viburnum

· Yew

· Forsythia

· Burning Bush

· Sedum

· Daylily

Planting right now is not recommended because it’s too hot.

The wheatgrass put down by the AT&T crews last year finally is dead. These areas will be taken care of once cooler temperatures arrive. Thank you!



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