June 29, 2022 SCHOA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:30 and conducted by Susan Nelson in Jos Arnold’s absence.

Susan asked all attending directors to identify themselves and was done.

Susan also reminded people to please identify themselves if they spoke at the meeting.

Secretary minutes from the May meeting were approved.

Al Kozimor presented the Treasurer’s report concerning:

  1. Spinnaker Cove Nature Preserve grant application with Tracy Land to furnish detailed information in her report.
  2. New Roof insurance claim asking for document help from all residents.
  3. Financial statement audit has begun but has been delayed by having to request documents from KMC.
  4. New insurance agent and a general liability policy for the Nature Preserve.
  5. Working on a policy and procedure manual continues.
  6. Announced the meeting with YourHOA to iron out procedures and communication.

There was an open discussion about the AT&T wires remaining unburied.

Spiro questioned Al about the budget and how we were running the community without an audited statement. All agreed it was difficult, but we needed to wait for the audited financial statement.

Community Updates.

Susan discussed:

 The new improved pool furniture and selling the old furniture,

The power washing snafus that were being worked out. This initiated a discussion about moving outside furniture with the consensus being that if it created problems that the vendor was being good about moving it themselves. Also, a question was raised if the power washing was voted on. Al reminded all that it was in the budget approved at the annual meeting. A discussion was held concerning doing the sidewalks with Carmen to get back with an answer.

The new security cameras installed in the clubhouse, parking lot, and pool areas.

Any issues in the neighborhood should be reported to YourHOA as the quickest and best way to resolve issues.

All maintenance requests should be directed also to YourHOA as it creates a record and timeline for the board to follow. Susan discussed how to file a maintenance request. Susan also said that the email and phone number for YouHOA will be published for all to have.

Insurance coverage was questioned about damage inside a condo and the group was reminded that we are responsible for drywall in damages on our homeowners policies.

Susan also gave the Social committee report about the weather cancelled summer blastoff with a possible future date to be determined.

Carmen Lau discussed;

Diligently working thru the existing maintenance requests and helping YourHOA to resolve them including helping with their vendor base.

Window Makeover slowly catching up on replacement windows and doors.

The paint list so we can do all the painting at one time.

Reminder that Window Makeover will be looking at all the windows for possible repairs and caulking issues.

Window screens are the homeowners responsibility.

Tracy Land, Landscape Committee discussed

We are in the second round of interviews for the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful grant for improving the nature preserve to be held on July 11th.  The approval will be by Labor Day and the grant will cover adding trails, removing the invasive species in existence and replanting with native plants. It also includes KIB maintaining the area for two years.

The application was the first vision of the trails, plantings, and even artwork envisioned for that area.

Susan as the communications chairman discussed;

Adding a Spinnaker Cove welcome letter to the packet new owners receive at closing.

A letter sent to homeowners who rent their condos out reminding them that their renters must follow community rules and be respectful of all the residents in the community.

A request for any documentation anyone has on the hail damage to support our insurance claim.

Open discussion followed.

Question about communications from companies trying to buy properties and how the board is notified of the sale. We are working with YourHOA to improve the communication about properties being sold.

Question on any plans for the streets being improved. The best we can do currently is for all to call the city and complain as we have no way of paying for the improvements from HOA funds.

Meeting was closed at 7:45

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