Your HOA department email addresses

As some of you know from attending our June Board meeting, Board members and Your HOA owners were scheduled to meet this month to discuss several items.

As a quick recap, we had a productive meeting, with one item coming out of it that we want to be sure you have for future reference. The Your HOA team provided department emails, so rather than having to email for everything you need, you can now email the appropriate department:

Vendor (Common Area) Issues:

Accounting Inquiries:         

Meetings Inquiries:            

Inspections Inquiries:        

General Inquiries:              

In addition to these emails, you can still call them at 317-682-0571.

It’s Your HOA’s responsibility to address issues as one of the services we all pay them to handle. As a friendly reminder, we appreciate you submitting a maintenance request and if needed, contacting Your HOA instead of contacting Board members. Your HOA’s team notifies the Board of all major neighborhood and maintenance issues.

Since our recent meeting was a private discussion between the Board and Your HOA, this message will be the only update we provide about it.

We encourage you to keep the Your HOA email addresses and their phone number handy for your own convenience.

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