SCHOA May 2022 Board meeting minutes

May 25,2022 / Spinnaker Cove Community Clubhouse 


Joe Arnold – President, Susan Nelson – VP, Al Kozimor – Treasurer, Jim Spicklemire – Secretary, Carmen Lau – Director

AGENDA – Meeting was called to order by President Joe Arnold

Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. April minutes were presented and the move to approve was made by Susan Nelson, second by Carmen Lau and approved by unanimous board consent.  

New Business

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Al Kozimor  
    1. Al updated the association about progress made by Tracy Land toward service grant application for the SCHOA Nature Preserve through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
    2. The financial report audit has been started by Comer Knowling and should be completed in 30 days.  It will include both the association and the nature preserve
    3. Information on insurance coverage for homeowners is updated and will be available on the website or from YourHOA for proof of insurance for member’s mortgage company requests
    4. A general liability insurance policy has been put in place for the nature preserve.  Patty Strayer asked what the purpose was for the liability policy was for and the board confirmed it was to cover any possible accidents that might happen on that property and protect the association’s risk. There had previously not been any liability coverage on the nature preserve.
    5. Continuing to work on a formal policy and procedures manual
  1. There was some question on the monitoring of the email address.  Joe Arnold will get it set up to forward to his email inbox.
  2. Joe Arnold gave a brief update on the status of the insurance claim with State Auto for the hail damage last June.  SCHOA legal counsel Brian DeHem has refiled the claim and confirmed it is in process. Jody B asked if we had a new insurance company now but Joe explained that we were still with State Auto as a carrier but have a new broker with Connor Insurance Agency.
  3. Pool water test has been submitted and approved and the pool is set to open on Saturday, May 28th.  Key cards should be working.  If your key card does not work then contact YourHOA.  Pool rules and policies were reiterated. 
  4. Flock cameras are up and operating.  Members were reminded that they can opt out of searches or can register their license
  5. Carmen Lau updated on progress with Window Makeover and that the board would be meeting with them to make sure everything is getting addressed timely.  Joe commended Carmen on the work she has been doing on behalf of the association.
  6. Susan Nelson updated on the pool furniture shipping status and that it would be mid-July before it would be coming in.  Joe stated that the old furniture would be available for purchase.
  7. Beth Anstett asked about monitoring garage door repair and screen replacement and those are both the homeowner’s responsibility.
  8. Tracy Land gave more details about the grant process she is going through to submit the service grant application to Keep Indiana Beautiful on June 4th.  The grant approval is set for Labor Day and we will find out the results then.  Kyle Shipman shared what the 3 pillars of oversight and guidance are for the nature preserve. 
  9. Dillon Buescher shared a Landscaping update on progress with the pre-approved planting list so the association could get more standardized guidelines.  Dillon is hoping we can spread patch grass seed in mid to late July. 
  10. Susan Nelson shared the content of the letter sent out to landlords regarding their renters and following association rules.  She is also working with YourHOA to get copies of all leases within the neighborhood. The Board is also drafting a welcome letter from the Board to be included in the closing paperworks to any new members moving into the neighborhood.
  11. Joe Arnold stressed that all pets be on a leash when outside the home.
  12. Joe Arnold shared that the social committee was planning a pool open house on June 5th with a food vendor, games, and music to celebrate the start of Summer and the opening of the pool.  The neighborhood garage sale is going to be pushed back to September. 
  13. Joe Arnold adjourned the meeting.

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