Community improvements happening next week!

A heads up that there will be a great deal of improvement activity happening throughout the neighborhood this coming week: both power washing and caulking work are scheduled.


Aqua Surface Restoration will start next Tuesday, June 28 and provided us with the schedule that was emailed to every homeowner and posted on the SC FB page. Please be aware this schedule is dependent on the weather and the time needed at each location to complete all the work necessary.

A friendly reminder to remove all items from your patios and walkways. In their information, they added to cover or remove security cameras and doorbells because Aqua Surface Restoration is not liable for any damages.


Window Makeover crews will be performing caulking and doing their assessment work beginning Monday, June 27 through Saturday, July 2.

The power washing schedule has been shared with the Window Makeover team since both companies will be here at the same time.

And yes, Green Touch mows on Tuesdays, so they will be here as well.

With the ramped-up level of activity happening around the community in the coming days, we want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as work is done to help improve each of our condos and Spinnaker Cove overall.

Special thanks to Board member Carmen Lau for her expertise and extra help in working with these vendors!

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