Update clubhouse rental policy

Our community clubhouse is available for use by every Spinnaker Cove homeowner (and person 21 and older who is living with the homeowner) who is in good standing (meaning current on dues).

Because we want to encourage everyone to utilize the clubhouse – and because we believe the prior rental charge was far too expensive – we have reduced the cost to a $75 fee and a refundable $75 deposit, as long as the clubhouse is left in good shape.

A clubhouse rental form is available on: www.yourhoahelp.com. Click on your account and go to “Requests” and the various forms will come up with the clubhouse rental form being the last one in the list.

 Here’s how the rental process works:

  • complete and submit the form to Your HOA
  • you will hear back from a Your HOA representative within 24 hours confirming if the requested event date is available and answer any questions you have
  • rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis
  • all previously established community functions (Board meetings, committee meetings, etc.) take precedence
  • reservation of the clubhouse does NOT include use of the pool
  • the pool is not available to be rented out for any function
  • the homeowner who requests to rent the clubhouse must be onsite during the entire time of the event
  • homeowners renting the clubhouse are responsible for reading and adhering to all the rules outlined in the rental form
  • Your HOA will create an invoice on the homeowner’s account for $150 ($75 fee and $75 refundable deposit)
  • once the Board is notified by Your HOA that the clubhouse has been rented for a specific date, an available Board member will coordinate getting the key to the homeowner and will inspect the clubhouse after the event and collect the key
  • once the clubhouse is confirmed to be in good shape, Your HOA will either send a check to the homeowner for the refundable deposit or a credit can be applied to his/her HOA account, whichever option the homeowner prefers
  • homeowners who have questions regarding renting the clubhouse, should contact Your HOA at 317-682-0571 or support@yourhoahelp.com.

SCHOA Board of Directors

Joe, Susan, Al, Jim, and Carmen

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