March 30 Annual Meeting Recap

Thanks to all of you who participated in our 2022 Annual Meeting on March 30! Whether you attended in person, via Zoom or sent in your proxy, we appreciated everyone’s involvement.

Two items were voted on:  the 2022-2023 proposed budget and the Board of Directors’ election.

The proposed budget passed by a large majority, so we will rely on that important document moving forward.

Al Kozimor was re-elected to the Board and Susan Nelson was elected (had been a Board appointment). Joe Arnold and Jim Spicklemire’s terms are not up yet, so they were not on the ballot.

There is a vacant seat for the fifth Board member and while we originally believed nominations could be accepted from the floor during the meeting, our attorney, Brian DeHem, informed everyone that per a unique provision in our bylaws, Board nominations had to be submitted a minimum of seven days prior to the meeting (we had not received any as of the meeting).

No nominations from the floor could be accepted and instead, interested homeowners could volunteer to be considered as an appointment to the vacant seat on the Board, with the Board making the selection.

Five homeowners either publicly or privately let us know they want to be considered and we appreciate their interest and willingness to serve. We will make our selection soon and notify you of our choice.

Thanks again to all who participated in this year’s Annual Meeting,

Joe, Jim, Al and Susan

SCHOA Board of Directors

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