February 23 Board meeting recap, other updates

Hope everyone has been enjoying our spring-like temperatures! A few updates are below:

The updated Annual Meeting information is being emailed AND mailed to you. The information should be in your inbox very soon and your mailbox in the coming days, depending on how quick USPS is. The information contains our March 30 meeting agenda and the draft budget for 2022-2023, among other items.

Again, the Annual Meeting is Wednesday, March 30 with registration at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. You can be with us in person at the clubhouse or via Zoom (no technical difficulties this time!).

Especially because many of you were unable to join us for our February 23 Board meeting due to the Zoom difficulties, here’s a brief recap, along with some updates since that meeting:

  • announcement of Annual Meeting date change to March 30; updated information coming to homeowners in early March.
  • Nature Preserve and Conservation Area: NPCA Committee is looking into grant opportunities and asking important questions regarding structure of an NP Board, with more details to come. NPCA bylaws are now available via your account on YourHOAhelp.com site (directions on how to reach that document were posted on the Spinnaker Cove website: spinnakercovehomeowners.com under Community News).
  • hailstorm insurance claim: Board continues working to get the claim approved.
  • reserve fund study: completed and that report is being integrated into the budget for 2022-2023.
  • public accounting firm: Al is pursuing vetted firms, with more updates to come in April.
  • insurance broker: contracting with a new one; more updates to come in April.
  • monthly dues invoices: Board requested Your HOA change the settings on reminders for invoices and update the late fee to be effective on the 16th of each month and reflect the Board-approved reduced amount of 10% of the late balance ($23.50).
  • neighborhood directory: if you want to be included, send your name, street address and phone/email to: support@yourhoahelp.com.

In other news: gutter cleaning has been completed on all buildings by RPM. GreenTouch has started edging and mulch work. Ornamental grasses and perennial plantings will happen in the coming weeks.

We are working on a revision of the clubhouse rental policy to make using this community amenity more user-friendly. Stay tuned for more details.

SCHOA Board of Directors

Joe, Al, Jim and Susan

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