Year-End Information and Reminders

With much happening in our neighborhood and the fact there’s no December Board meeting, below please find information and reminders for everyone as we wrap up 2021. There are several pieces of important information in the bullets below. Thank you in advance for reading them!

Your HOA

  • Transition from KMC to our new property management company, Your HOA, is nearing completion!
  • Registration is quick and simple.
  • Having an account allows you to pay your dues online and see a record of maintenance requests, community news, submit architectural review forms and get your questions and concerns addressed.
  • Our new website already has our governing documents (bylaws, etc.) listed. Much more will be added!
  • Your HOA team is just that – a team designed to meet our various community needs.
  • When you call or email, your issue will be directed to the appropriate department, rather than a single property manager.
  • If you have an emergency or need to reach Your HOA during off-hours, calling the number listed above, will get you directed appropriately.
  •  Neighborhood news will continue to come from and be emailed and posted on the website by your Board, only from now on, you will receive that info through Your HOA’s system, so the message format will look like this one.

Monthly Dues

  • December dues invoices were mailed and emailed.
  • Dues are technically due on the first of each month, but the 15-day grace period always is in effect, meaning you have through the 15th of each month to pay before a late fee is included in your total owed.
  • The Board believes the previous late fee of $58.75 (25% of the monthly $235 dues) was excessively high and punitive.
  • To remedy that, we are reducing the late fee to 10% of any past due balance. For example, if a homeowner does not pay his/her $235 dues by the 15th of a month, the late fee owed will be $23.50.
  • Beginning with our January dues, invoices will be emailed to all homeowners with an email address. Invoices will be mailed (snail mail) to those homeowners who do not have email.

Snow Removal

  • We know the white stuff is coming at some point this season and we are ready.
  • Green Touch Services will be providing our snow removal: streets, driveways and paths up to front porches will be cleared.
  • Sidewalks in front of our condos will not be cleared.
  • The decision on snow removal will be made based on the forecast and homeowners will receive emails directly from Your HOA about snow events/snow removal.

Volunteers Needed!

  • Jim needs volunteers to work with him (he’s a fun guy) on the Architectural Review Committee. Please email him if you are interested:
  • Anyone wanting to join the Safety and Security Committee is welcome! You will be working with Joe (he’s also a fun guy) and the five safety captains. Email Joe if you are interested:

Holiday Open House Sunday, December 12 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

  • We have sent out reminders about RSVP’ing to Melvina Williams at by this past Wednesday. If you are planning to attend and have not let Melvina know, please do so immediately, so the Social Committee knows how many guests to plan for and expect.

Nature Preserve and Conservation Area Committee

  • The Committee’s activities will reactive next spring. If co-chairs Kyle Shipman and Tracy Land have any updates before then, we will help send out their news.

2022 Board Meetings

  • 2022 Board meeting dates were recently posted and e-blasted with the meetings continuing to happen on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the clubhouse.
  • Annual Meeting is February 23 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Currently, the Annual Meeting is set to happen in-person in the clubhouse and via Zoom, but if the location changes, we will be sure to notify everyone.

Message board on the front of the clubhouse

  • Instead of changing messages around on the board, the Communications Committee decided to post our new website address, contact info for Your HOA and the dates of our 2022 Board meetings.
  • That information will remain on the board for your convenience.

Board Member Emails

  • Questions, suggestions (we like those too) or concerns about anything happening in Spinnaker Cove? Once again, below are our email addresses.
  • Please be aware we can only address an issue if it’s within our authority to do so, meaning we can’t solve every issue, but we definitely respond to every email.

President Dillon Buescher:

Vice President Joe Arnold:

Secretary Jim Spicklemire:

Treasurer Al Kozimor:

Director Susan Nelson:

We wish you and your loved ones a happy, peaceful and safe holiday season and a healthy and blessed start to 2022! 

SCHOA Board of Directors

Dillon, Joe, Jim, Al, and Susan